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Guadalupe County Fire Marshal

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Guadalupe County Fire Marshal Office

Permit & Inspection Process Overview
(This applies to the unincorporated areas of Guadalupe County.)

The Guadalupe Commissioner’s Court has adopted the International Fire Code, 2006 edition (IFC), as the Guadalupe County Fire Code (CFC). The court also adopted amendments to the IFC. The amendments and court order adopting the CFC are available on-line for review. The fees associated with each of the permit types can be found in the “Schedule of Fees”, on-line.

A “Building Permit” is required to construct a new commercial or public building; remodel an existing building for a new type of business; or, construct a multi-family dwelling that has four or more units. In order to remodel an existing building a “Building Permit” may also be needed. To obtain a “Building Permit” you will need to submit two sets of building plans for the entire project being permitted. The Fire Marshal’s office cannot issue a “Fire Code Permit” prior to the review of the building plans.

After reviewing the building plans, the Fire Marshal’s Office will contact the person on the “Building Permit Application” to discuss plan changes, if any. After the plans review and upon receipt of the payment of permit fees, the permit will be issued and one set of the building plans will be returned. The Fire Marshal’s office will keep the other set of building plans. Per the IFC, the “Building Permit” MUST remain on the construction site.

If the project under permit requires a fire suppression system or fire alarm system, the contractor installing that particular system must contact the Fire Marshal’s office for a “Fire Protection System Permit”. When the fire suppression system or fire alarm system is completed or is in need of a visual inspection, the Fire Marshal’s office must be contacted for an inspection on that particular system. When the entire project is completed the Fire Marshal’s office must receive a “Request for Final Inspection” form. After the final inspection, a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE will then be issued. The business may not open for business without a CERTIFIACTE OF COMPLIANCE.

Feel free to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at the phone number or address above. The Fire Marshal can also be reached by cell phone at (830) 303-8856.
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