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New Direct Deposit/ACH Vendor Payment Program!

You can make banking easier through the new Direct Deposit / ACH Vendor Payment Program made available by Guadalupe County. Through this program, you can choose to have your payments deposited directly into your checking account at your designated bank, savings and loan, or credit union. This program is part of our efforts to reduce the volume of checks issued through Accounts Payable.

to you:
  1. ACH payments will eliminate mail delays, U.S. Postal Service can take seven to ten days.
  2. ACH payments will be deposited to your account within three days of Commissioners Court approval.
  3. You will receive an electronic remittance advice with the same detailed information as on a check stub.
  4. Save time by not traveling to the bank or waiting in lines to deposit your check.
  5. Certainty of delivery, no more lost or stolen checks.
  6. Banks do not hold ACH payments like they do checks. Your funds are available as soon as the ACH payment is credited to your account.

Program Conditions:
In order to effectively administer this program, the following conditions must be met by the vendor:

  • Contact your financial institution to ensure they can process ACH credit transactions.
  • Complete the online Vendor ACH Payment Form.
  • Important: attach a voided check or letter from your financial institution with routing and account number. An email address must be included for the process to be completed.
  • The ACH will be processed to only one (1) account as identified on the Vendor ACH Form. The first payment will be a “pre-note” which is in essence a practice run to verify the bank information.
  • If a vendor/business closes its account with one financial institution and opens an account with another financial institution, they must notify the Guadalupe County Treasurer’s Office immediately by submitting a new/updated Vendor ACH Payment Form with a voided check or letter from financial institution.

Join today and be part of our e-payment system and help us go green!


If you would prefer to print out the form and fax or carry in the form you can find a printable form at:

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